Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recent Happenings - 2013

I'm really slacking at this blogging thing.
But things lately have been pretty darn great! I'm really enjoying life and summer is the best so that's great!
I recently (meaning in March) started a new job and I love it! It's really great.  It's a company called the Color Vibe and I'm their graphic designer! I love it and enjoy going to work everyday.
I moved to a new apartment complex -- and I really like it! It's a little weird to move since I've lived at the same complex for so long, but I'm so excited! I really needed a change of scenery.
I've been just hanging out with the friends a ton and I went on a family vacation recently too!
I just am extremely blessed and so grateful to be where I am right now!

Family Vacation:


 Floatin the River:
One of my BEST friend's weddings!


Bonfires in Caves:

Bachelorette Parties:



One of my work trips: Beale Street in Memphis, TN

My job :)


Spring Break Photos (since I haven't written since..)

My favorite quote right now.... 

 Basically life is great, and yeah there are sucky things that happen but all is well in Meagan world.  I'm so grateful for the best friends and family a girl could ask for!