Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pros and Cons of Being Short

I'd like to think I've became quite pro at this whole being short thing.  Ever since I was slightly below average height in Elementary School – I think I’ve definitely figured out the good and bad about being short.

Cons of Being Short:
  • "What up, shorty"...just doesn't get old. Oh wait -- it does.
  • Buying Jeans. You have to hem EVERYTHING. Buying pants in short is so hard. They don't usually carry them.
  • Looking like a child (and sounding like a child)…“Are you old enough to do that?” so annoying. I guess it will pay off when I’m old.
  • “Damsel in distress” happens nearly every day when trying to reach for things.  You have to use stools for EVERYTHING or ask a cute boy to get things for you (which could be a good thing…)  But this is contradicting for the pro that you can get low shelf items easier.
  • Getting picked last for sporting events. We just don’t look like we have much game…and let’s be honest…most of us don’t. But some do!
  • Dance Parties – (my head is elbow height) Also applies to concerts.
  • Shorter Legs – I can’t run as fast. 
  • When you’re pregnant you look HUGE.  But some may say it looks cute, but let’s be honest…they’re really making fun of you. A great example = Snookie.
  • You’re always expected to take the hump seat in the back of the car.
  • The awkward doorstep scene when they have to bend their knees and you’re struggling to stay balanced as you kiss goodnight. The key though is to stand on a stair. Also holding hands is hard sometimes you have to bend your arm upward to reach his.
  • We suck at fighting. Someone can put us in a headlock or something and you can’t get out. However, we are in a perfect location for a great kneeing.

Pros of Being Short:
  • Being able to date pretty much anyone the heck I want! There is like a 95% chance that I am taller than any boy that asks me out…so I’ve got that going for me.
  • Being able to fit into smaller spaces without ducking. Yeah…sucks for all you tall people who have to slouch down to fit in a tunnel or something where for me I just casually can walk on through.  Playing on toys at a park is where this is prime.
  • Awkward things are cuter when you’re short.  Just like a little kid.  When they spill their milk everyone just laughs and checks to make sure they’re okay…"oops.."
  • You don’t look like an idiot using child size things.  SUCH AS- drinking from the child drinking fountain--Much shorter lines, and well, you look fairly normal.  Also, you don’t look like a pedophile when standing by the children.
  • Children accept you as one of them. You can play with them and they like you 20x more than a tall person--You just fit in.
  • Falling hurts much less. If you trip you have much less chance of hurting yourself and also, your fall it will happen quicker so you’ll look less retarded.
  • Two words: FRONT ROW.
  • I recently found that I can fit into child size shoes….which is quite possibly the best thing ever. Children shoes are pretty much half the price of adult shoes…and they’re just as cute! I mean…besides the ones that look super childlike. Exhibit A-I got some Asics running shoes for $40 that are pink and super cute…where as the adult ones are $80. Bam.
  • People just feel inclined to protect you.
  • If you are tall, everyone expects you to carry the team in sand volleyball, or basketball. If you are short, you have ZERO pressure, and if you score everyone is so proud.
  • Everyone loves hugging the short girl who fits nicely around your waist and under your arm.
  • Cuddling is much easier if you’re short. Awkward to say that…but you all know it’s true.
  • Sleep like a queen in a twin size bed.
  • In general, we're just more space efficient, also in a zombie war or something…you can’t eat what you can’t find… so yeah. Hide and Seek at its finest.
  • Also, another comparison -- ever meet a puppy you didn’t like? Exactly.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I think more often than not, a song is better at describing my life.  Sooooo:

Soundtrack to my Life - Currently
{can be favorites, with meaning, or whatev}

Belle of the Boulevard by Dashboard - I'd never heard this song til recently and it's basically a favorite song now. It kind of has a little significance, but whatev. Nothing really exciting to get into.

Guts by All Time Low - "Is this what it feels like, finding out that i've got the guts to say anything? Feels like breaking out.....Finally, I can see, Honestly, I've got the guts to say anything."

Rooftops & Invitations by Dashboard - okay, why have there been so many good Dashboard songs and I haven't known about them til now? Anyway. "She just might get you lost, and she just might leave you torn.  But she just might save your soul, but she gets you any closer." The way I take this song is how I am with boys.  With me, here's how it goes with boys.  I read a blog recently that explained it better than me so I'm just gonna post an excerpt from it.  She explains things much better than me:

Then comes along a boy, oh so nonchalantly, and starts to make you laugh. He makes your heart skip a bajillion beats a minute. He remembers words that you said that even YOU don’t remember. He shows up to your house with diet coke. He puts little notes on your car that make you giddy as hell. He tells you to listen to certain songs that remind  him of you.. and they are beautiful.
Before you know it, AH. You are sucked in. Your world is spinning and you can’t focus and you are only thinking of him throughout your day. When you aren’t with him, you want to be. And it really starts to freak you out, because it reminds you of the last time you felt like this. And even more-so the way that feeling and relationship so tragically ended. And you remember how bad it hurt. And how you don’t even want to have to go through that again.

So you slowly start to pull away from that boy who made you laugh.  Even though he really can make you laugh pretty hard.  And you dispose of that playlist of songs he showed you.  And those notes he put on your car...? They gotta go.

And you shut him out.  When really you could have had something so beautiful even the moon and the starts would have been jealous.  You shut him and the feeling out because of fear.

And he is confused and mad..and you have to act like you don't even care.  But really you do care.  A whole lot.  But you just can't. He eventually gives up, and goes on to find another girl.  And you're left with your books and music again.  But it's okay.  Because your heart is still in one piece....right?
so there is why I like that dashboard song...I just sometimes am scared to let boys in...and so they just might be great...or they just might leave me torn. 
Next song,
ANYTHING BY IMAGINE DRAGONS. Basically, they are my new fav band. If you don't know them...check out Radioactive, On Top of the World or It's Time. They're great.
Why You Wanna by Jana Kramer - Getting over someone is rough.
Angel Eyes by Love & Theft - ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THIS SONG. Good lyrics, cute boys who sing it..and yeah.
Fell in Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack (the Acoustic Version) - Instead of falling in love WITH someone, you fall in love without the other person.  So basically you fall in love and they don't.
Gangnam Style by PSY - haha. it's pretty darn good. and pumps you for any occasion. and the music video makes you love this song even more. although...I am curious what they're saying (since it's in Korean)
50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train - just a good, fun song.
And there you have it. :) My current life in the summary of 9 songs.