Saturday, January 7, 2012

my loves♥

yes it's been a freaking long time since i've blogged.
i just used to work on a computer ALL the time with nothing to do,
& now i work on a computer all the time with lots to do. haha. but anyway.
life is good :)

topic of today's entry...
things i love ♥:

-i love getting my nails done. they make me feel polished and grown up.
-i love movies. i like adopting sayings from them and using them in every day life.
-i love my momma's cooking. she's amazing at it. and i'm a picky eater so if she makes things i like then that's amazing.
-i love the bands relient k, brand new, mayday parade & death cab.
-i love brigham city (my home town). some people say it's turned druggy or something, but i love it. everyone knows everyone and it's perfect size. i just love it.
-i love warm weather. i chose stg for that reason to go to school & i REALLY miss it. i could have 100 degree weather year round and be happy.
-i love sarcasm (because i am very sarcastic)
-i love flossing. it's this stupid thing that drives me nuts if i don't do. but i love the feeling of doing it!
-i love my journal. i'm an avid writer, and's got some interesting stuff in it. haha. and most people i know in it have been mentioned at least once or twice sooo feel famous :) (minus you few stalkers out there who i don't know)
-i love computery stuff (yes everyone knows that).
-i love clovers. i usually have one around my neck or on me somewhere. i just like the idea of luck.
-i love ice cream. ate it all the time with my dad as a kid & never grew out of it.
-i love having my nails painted black. it makes me feel a little rebellious even though i hate getting in trouble.
-i love having things in order, although for some reason not my room? my computer on the other hand is well organized (also my iphone) -- minus the desktop where it's my stash of everything.
-i love learning about people. i think everyone is so interesting and different. i wish people wouldn't judge so much.
-i love the color teal/light blueish green. makes me suuuper happy whenever i see it.
-i love my family more than anything.
-i love making goals. fresh starts are my favorite. they always just make you feel invigorated and happy. i'm constantly making goals in my journal.
-i love my best friends.
-i love going on drives & talking. they're such a good place to think and just..yeah.
-i love feeling accomplished. best feeling ever.
-i love sleeping. haha. who doesn't i guess. but yeah.
-i love the gospel. it means the world to me.
-i love tulips. (**future husband make a mental note) they're just a perfect flower. i want to go to holland and see the tulip farms.
-i love how blessed i've been & i feel really ungrateful sometimes. i really have so much.
-i love my car. "stella" is cute:) she takes good care of me.
-i love seth cohan from the OC, or chuck bartowski from Chuck. i like em a bit nerdy. hah.
-i love the show the office.
-i love my phone. couldn't live without it...& i am slightly ashamed to admit that...but my world kinda lies in that stupid little thing.
- i love working out...i wish i did it more. but i love the feeling. (yeah new years resolution).
-i love planners. i lovvve school supplies. they make me feel like things are in order. i also love making lists and charts.
-i like accents. give me an austrailian or british person and i could listen to them for hours.
-i love my ipod. i listen to music constantly & it helps me fix whatever mood i'm in.
-i love watches. i love the look of them. the idea of them. etc.
-i love when boys can play the piano.
-i love blue eyes.
-i love even numbers. i go out of my way to make things symmetrical.
-i secretly love all those sites that have quotes about life and love and stuff.
-i love staying up late.

-basically, i love my life ♥.
the end.