Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, September isn't quite over yet...but here's a recap of the last few weeks.

Peach Days! tradition for myself...since I was way little. I love it! Way to go Brigham :). Best hometown on the planet.

Family Pictures with my StG group :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer/First week of School!

So many people are going on missions lately! it's so good for the church (and for all my friends). One of my good friends left at the beginning of August..and so it's weird adjusting to not having him to talk to everyday!
his name is Garrett Sheridan Jensen & i miss him..but just a little bit:

School began...again. but it's my last first day of school! :) semester of course...but that doesn't really count cause it's in january.

well, the beginning of the school year has been awesome! so much fun things to do...and i love my friends and meeting new people.
i also had my birthday:) woohoo. 20, baby.

here's some fun things that's been happening:
sand hollow:)
jock-n-nerd partyyy :)


The value of true friendship is infinite and priceless. Nothing can compare or ever replace the genuine, caring connection between two people who not only understand, but want only the very best of all things in life for the other. It is a gift, it is a treasure.

A deep sustaining, timeless friendship is rare and at times can feel difficult to find, maintain, or believe in. But, the more that you believe in yourself, the more love you can give to yourself, the more genuine connections you will be able to attract, manifest, and hold onto.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And, it can be this simple and straightforward. Though formulas for success in any avenue provide clear road maps, life does not always pave such a smooth pathway. Unfortunately, unforeseen emergencies, factors and other such events can drop obstacles in our way, shadows and overgrown foliage that obscure our direction and leave us feeling unsure, blind and lost in our journey. As our childhood, “black and white” visions fade to off whites and varying shades of gray, our minds are left to ponder and try to decipher truth from what had originally been such a simple road map to happiness, joy and peace of mind.

My trusting nature has been both a gift and a handicap for me. When a person tells me something, I take what they say at face value. I do not infer meaning. I do not hypothesize possible deviations. I simply take their message as their word and then look toward their actions to solidify their words. I trust. This has kept my heart open to all the possibilities in life, but it has also allowed my heart to be broken more times than I can remember by more than just ex-boyfriends and friends who have told me one thing and then later told me another, leaving me confused, unsure of how to keep believing in people. Needing to go back and recount conversations, my actions, etc to find the truth; to search for what I could have possibly changed to alter the seemingly unalterable outcomes.

Though I continue to struggle with this sort of seesaw struggle, I have been getting better at it. Time, lessons, learning have all taught me to see things clearer, to see people in less clear cut shapes, to see them in the corners behind trees, their forms ever changing, yet in the end collectively forming an identifiable and definable form.

I value true friendship. I have some amazing friends whom I love and cherish. They're quite amazing :).